Company Overview

ReLaunchU helps B2B service companies generate, nurture and close leads for their business through the methodology of inbound. It’s full-funnel support from prospect to sales.

Marguerite provides consultative guidance and training, and ReLaunchU’s partners, Madison Marketing Group and Hubspot, deliver the tools and support needed to “relaunch” business websites into active marketing tools.

For the first four years, ReLaunchU was a full-service marketing agency, supported by a hand-selected team of contractors and strategic alliances. During that time Marguerite saw the challenges companies had internally with making the transition to a content-driven marketing system and selling to the empowered buyer.

It became evident even really good service agencies cannot provide what many companies need to design and implement a demand generation solution for marketing and sales.

Today ReLaunchU delivers consulting to companies seeking a comprehensive lead generation strategy and better sales support systems to achieve their revenue goals. They can be completely new to inbound marketing or want to see a greater ROI on their current efforts. They can also choose to work with agencies, contractors, or do everything in-house. This decision and many others are exactly what we help resolve.

Because of my experience in both marketing and workplace performance, I provide consulting and training for those seeking to start or enhance their inbound marketing system and sales from the inside out. – Marguerite Inscoe

We Believe

  • MISSION: Our client’s online marketing activities should be enjoyed and valued by their prospects.
  • VISION: For our clients to increase their online “real estate” in order to secure a competitive advantage.
  • PROMISE: For our services to lower your cost of acquiring a client as the business grows.



Full-Service Inbound Marketing Agency
Partners in marketing, Madison Marketing handles the delivery of inbound marketing services while ReLaunchU delivers consulting and training. Our co-marketing efforts develop opportunities for each other and our collaboration delivers higher quality service to clients.
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Marketing Automation and CRM SaaS
We work together to bring clients an outstanding experience with the best marketing SaaS on the globe. training. Our co-marketing efforts develop opportunities for each other and our collaboration delivers higher quality service to clients.
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Integrated Print, Web, and Digital Marketing Solutions
Long time partners and customers of each other. ReLaunchU delivers marketing strategy and copy to Clarke Inc's clients, and they support ReLaunchU's clients with practical marketing solutions for web and print.
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Next generation LMS for Training Providers
Co-marketing partners delivering helpful content and live learning events for training vendors who want to better market their blending learning business solutions.
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