Results-Focused Consulting

You hire consultants to produce results that directly correlate to the business’s bottom line. The expert should reduce your company’s learning curve so the initial investment is returned quickly, while you also benefit from the improvements for the long-term.

ReLaunchU’s consulting gets your inbound marketing campaigns up faster and your sales people working more effectively. It’s more than just good marketing and sales strategies, but implementing sustainable practices and using the appropriate resources to repeat success. The ROI is made evident before work even begins.

Your business goals and timeline are the priority. Together we agree upon the objectives that will enable you to accomplish those goals. ReLaunchU then provides the guidance and training for your team to plan and take action. – Marguerite Inscoe

Client Onboarding Process

First Engagement

Exploration of business goals and your greatest challenges in marketing and sales. We review the client onboarding process and see if the fit between us feels right.

Needs Analysis

You complete an online assessment to outline the current state before discussing the performance gap. We review data such as website traffic, leads, and closing ratio to see what is attainable.

Design Objectives

Together we create the enabling objectives for the stated challenges that will close the performance gap within the desired time-frame and agree upon the value of the future state.


ReLaunchU presents the objectives of the consulting in a statement of work that are measurable and time bound, along with the terms and conditions of the relationship.

Pricing and Terms

The last thing you want to negotiate when working with a consultant is billable hours. All consulting contracts are a flat rate and based on the anticipated value you’ll gain from accomplishing your business objectives. This means you get 100% of the attention you need to succeed without worrying about an unknown bill at the end.

Agreements are time-bound. If the objectives are not reached within an agreed upon timeframe, a change to the scope of work is possible. If for any reason either party does not wish to continue, the billing is prorated for objectives accomplished to the nearest 25%.

What To Expect

Communication is our strength. There’s no need to wonder what has been done or what will happen next. Objectives are set and milestones laid for all participating members to see on a live Google Spreadsheet.

Meetings are scheduled with an agenda and its notes are shared with the team. Emails are answered within one business day or less.

Favorite tools are Go To Meeting and Google Documents.

Most coaching or training is planned ahead of time, though just-in-time support is available. Typically ReLaunchU supplies templates, recommends tools, and highlights educational resources to support independent learning.

Training that is available online through SaaS providers, such as Hubspot, are also leveraged. The goal is to help team members establish a foundation of knowledge that allows them to work more effectively with the consulting process.

We operate on the principle of disclosure. The best consultative advice is provided when all pertinent factors of a client’s situation are evident. We strive to recommend what’s workable for your team and most likely to succeed. There is always more than one way of doing something, and thinking outside the box is valued.

The advice you’ll receive is just that, our best recommendations for what’s at hand, and it’s up to you the client to take action. If you are struggling with implementation, there are options for out-sourcing that we can recommend. Most often, time is the biggest factor. To avoid undue pressure, the milestones will not be aggressive unless it’s clear you have the capacity make it happen.

Since ReLaunchU is a consultancy, service delivery for marketing is no longer it’s core competency in helping clients. Our partners are best at doing that. However, some hands-on service support is available in a limited manner for one-off situations. It may be written into the statement of work if the need is known ahead of time, and it makes sense for us to deliver.

You can expect the consultant to facilitate meetings, analyze and report on findings, report on progress, provide feedback on marketing assets, suggest educational resources, deliver coaching and training, and provide verbal and written responses to questions. It is the consultant discretion if she chooses to assist in the production of marketing assets and updating marketing systems.


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