Stabilizing B2B Marketing and Sales Operations

It’s Serious Now

Your B2B company is positioned to lead in the marketplace with it’s services except for one thing, a definitive marketing and sales program. You need a proven strategy and system for generating leads, nurturing them, and closing deals, but your current in-house expertise is not enough.

Perhaps you are already investigating improvements for your marketing automation and CRM. You are examining at the competencies of your staff to assess the skills gap. There’s a need to balance the cash-flow of today to invest for tomorrow. But what are the answers? Weaknesses are easy to recognize but solutions are fuzzy. It’s due to the complexities of today’s internet marketing and the behaviors of the empowered buyer.

If you have a track record in marketing and sales that won’t work in the next six to twelve months, and there’s pressure from competition to make progress, we can help you fix it.

We help growing companies solve their marketing challenge of designing and implementing an internet centric lead generation strategy that will position the business as a competitive player in the market. They define their goals and we help them establish the systems, operations, and people to accomplish it.

The Balancing Act

  • Strategy
  • Procedures
  • Technology
  • Talent

In any business, all four of these components to the marketing and sales funnel have to synchronize or the outcomes possible won’t be obtained.

Typical Challenges

Here are some of the issues you may be dealing with that need a resolution:

  • Clearly defined marketing strategy and goals
  • Marketing and sales alignment
  • Insourcing vs outsourcing support
  • Appropriate tech
  • Contact management
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Social media marketing plans and protocols
  • Website traffic and conversion optimization

Consulting Advantages

Every business is unique and so must be its strategy for marketing and sales. We closely examine the behavior of your buyers, your competition, industry performance numbers, even your profit margin in the development of your lead generation strategy.

One of the reasons important decisions aren’t made is there’s too many of them. They are interrelated, complex and expensive. Instead of trying to figure out what it is you don’t know, we’ll tell you. Then you pick from among the best options. When you win, we both win.

You are attempting to figure out systems and processes for the first time that we’ve done many times, many different ways for businesses with challenges just like yours. A consultant doesn’t always have to tell you the time by looking at your watch. We also reduce the learning curve of your organization so it gets to results faster.

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