Her understanding of writing and how it correlates with Search Engine Optimization is impressive! I feel that where some companies talk about “secret sauce” and “SEO magic”, Marguerite talks in terms that are easily understood and she is honest as well as easy to work with! I highly recommend that if you’re looking for assistance with writing articles for your website, writing in general for your website OR help with any issues, including SEO, that you use ReLaunchU for your project!

Brandt Junker
Owner, Reliable Leak Detection

Marguerite is an excellent resource for developing your business. I’ve used her services over the years with great success. She is prompt and effective in pulling together all the needed resources to turn mediocre marketing into professional quality.

Ron Chapman
Owner, The Training Coach

Marguerite had the marketing talents Bible Transmission needed to create a brand and promotional system for bookings. She understands and works creatively with small business budgets and resources. Things had slowed down considerably over the past year and it was time for a fresh look and a new approach. It’s nice to have things picking up again thanks to her help.

Nancy Keel
Founder, Bible Transmission

“I must say, that after a thorough review of Marguerite’s ReLaunchU program, if you are a business owner who is struggling to market effectively, you absolutely have to contact her today! Marguerite is the person who can help you define or redefine your target market and then help you put specific pieces and processes in place to help you achieve your goals! She has my STRONGEST recommendation possible and contacting her will be the best thing you have done for your business in a LONG time!”

Mike Glover
Interactive Marketing Manager, ECPI University

Marguerite Inscoe is an absolute asset to us. She is not only quick and knowledgeable in her field, but what she embodies as a person is invaluable to any business. If you are looking for someone who is small business marketing savvy AND genuine, you have found the right person.

Vivianne Hipol Gantous
Owner, Boundless Wellbeing

Marguerite and ReLaunchU are awesome to work with. If you are looking for answers, ideas and innovation with your digital marketing you’ve visited the right webpage. Check out all the free and helpful (not salesy) resources – blog, eBooks, webinars, etc. But, don’t miss a chance for a free consultation with Marguerite either.

Victor Clarke
Owner, Clarke Inc
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