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“There’s no training system better than another, other than it sufficiently addresses the needs of the marketplace. The training company that sees what’s coming and adapts quickly has the best chance to survive, if not wildly succeed. Those continuing as before, look up and find themselves at the back of the pack.”

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People get into the training business for a lot of different reasons. Often it’s a subject-matter-expert in the form of a person or business. They believe formal training is a profitable way to expand their service portfolio.

The barrier to entry into the industry is low, so most anyone can launch a program. It’s common among authors, consultants, and speakers. Even software and business services companies are getting into the act.

The initial hurdle is learning how to design and then deliver the training. Done well, it adds considerable value to the business and it’s clients.

But, it doesn’t always work out for everyone. Competition is fierce and proving its worth to customers is a challenge. Still the training industry and its service providers are growing. The market demands it.

In this article recently published with aNewSpring, I outline three things that should matter to you right now if you want to thrive in the training industry.

Author: Marguerite Inscoe
Marguerite's first career of 12 years was in workplace learning and performance. She is now the Inbound Marketing Ninja and owner of ReLaunchU, an inbound marketing consultancy for B2B companies.

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