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If you were to ask a room full of marketers from all over the world which marketing tactics they think are least worth the investment, you’d probably get a flurry of strong opinions.

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A lot of business owners define marketing as a hot mess that has to happen. It’s always a struggle to find the right “thing” that works.

We can feel stuck in limbo.

Traditional marketing tactics like ads and direct mail don’t work like they use to. Newer, edgy digital strategies have yet to be proven to work in your vertical.

What can we do to make better choices?

It starts with rating marketing tactics appropriately in relationship to its expense and effectiveness for your specific business. If you do this well, the persuasion of sales people won’t dictate your marketing plan.

This article by Lindsey at Hubspot is an excellent resource to see what professional marketers are reporting as overrated tactics. They are talking about marketing in a global sense, so take it with a grain of salt. Every business is unique, and how you integrate and execute a tactic in a campaign makes all the difference.

Here are some ways marketers can “mis-rate” a marketing tactic before using it:

  • It’s super easy to implement, not a lot of work involved
  • It’s going to fix most of our problems
  • Competitors are doing it
  • It’s worked well for other companies
  • It’s the most popular marketing channel for our industry

Here are some criteria to help you better rate marketing tactics:

  • It benefits the business and marketing for the long-term
  • It lowers the cost of acquiring a client while we grow
  • It’s repeatable and improvable
  • You can track performance from source to sale

Author: Marguerite Inscoe
Marguerite's first career of 12 years was in workplace learning and performance. She is now the Inbound Marketing Ninja and owner of ReLaunchU, an inbound marketing consultancy for B2B companies.

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