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In the world of inbound marketing, there is a lot of talk about the need to create “authentic” content. Typically, marketers interpret this to mean content that is accurate and captures the personality of the author or the brand that creates it.

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Kathleen’s description of radical honesty for today’s inbound marketing is what I call “full disclosure.” It’s about sharing what you know prospects want to know, without putting them into a sales process that has a high chance of leading to nothing.

It’s human nature for us to withhold information because we believe it better secures our position. Perhaps it’s true in some circumstances of life, but is that a bad thing in business?

If you come from the marketing and sales world, and you’re getting a pitch, you don’t want to skirt around the issue. We cut to the chase in the first conversation seeking the truth (and watching those non-verbal cues).

For example, “this is my budget, and we can’t do more. Is it feasible?”

Or, “Here’s what I like about your product but these are my top concerns.”

“Your competitor offered this, what can you do that’s better?”

Disclosure in your marketing on items such as pricing, service strengths and weaknesses, and knowledge about competitors, means you understand the market and have aligned the business model. You put the prospective customer’s interests ahead of your own.

Reading this B2C article reminded me of the popular song by Depeche Mode, Policy or Truth. It has catchy beat and rhyme, but it only make sense for businesses back in the 90’s and not today.

Author: Marguerite Inscoe
Marguerite's first career of 12 years was in workplace learning and performance. She is now the Inbound Marketing Ninja and owner of ReLaunchU, an inbound marketing consultancy for B2B companies.

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